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We do tend to take the production of gas and oil (which are the things that produce the energy we use in different forms every day of the week), for granted. Whether we are putting gas in the car or flipping the switch on heating, most of us haven’t a clue about the people and things that are involved in the production of those things. Companies such as Weatherby Energy LLC employ research scientists, geologists, engineers and rig teams to locate and drill for the oil and gas that Americans use without thinking every day of the week. Once oil formations have been located by geologists and tested for the depth of oil by engineers then a team is contracted to drill that well to a certain level. The team at Weatherby ENERGY LLC know that there are plenty of problems and issues to be ironed out before the contractor of the drilling rig can put a team together.

Putting together a crew for a drilling rig involves a lot of forethought and the contractor has to find the following people before the rig can begin operations:

• Tool pusher or production engineer
• Driller
• Derrick Man
• Floor hands and sometimes a motor man

As anyone at Weatherby ENERGY LLC will tell you, the tool pusher or production engineer is a mandatory part of any drilling team as he is the person that supervises everything. The supervisor has charge of the rig and the people that work on it and more often than not it is also his role to buy any parts that may be needed for the rig. The supervisor is required on site at all times so that he can deal with any problems as they occur. A supervisor, according to Weatherby ENERGY LLC will often have a trailer on site, as he may need to remain there for a good number of days.

Although the supervisor oversees the crew on the rig, direct charge of that crew is usually given to the driller because he will be familiar with working all the positions on the drill. Drillers need to have years of experience of working on rigs in one role or another and is the person who usually stands in and performs the supervisor’s duties if he is not on site. The team at Weatherby Energy LLC may use their own drilling teams or they may contract a job out. The derrick man works with the driller and is usually at the top of the rig while the pipe is taken down or pulled up. When the bit has been pulled out the derrick man may remove used bits of pipe and put new pieces in their place. The derrick man, according to a Weatherby ENERGY LLC spokesman also helps with repairing the equipment as needed and works together with the two floor men during drilling. Floor workers are those members of the rigging crew who have the least experience and it is their job to pull and run pipe.